Orphan fairytale - seahorse soup

“Little Boo is a Whitetail Piebald, caused by a genetic defect,” writes Scherer on the Fuzzy Fawn Instagram. “There are many variations of Piebald coloration, some almost appear entirely white but they are not Albino. In addition to coloration many Piebald have other conditions, bowing of the nose, short legs, bowed legs, arching of the back, short lower jaw and internal issues. Boo’s observable conditions are the nose, back, short legs and one leg is extremely bowed. I’m going to see if a cast will help straighten it.”

With its Tony Award-winning book and score, including the unforgettable songs It’s a Hard-Knock Life , Easy Street and Tomorrow , this is a show not to be missed!

Puss begins his adventures by catching rabbits and partridges to give to the king. Every time the cat gifts the king, he says that it is sent by his fictional master, Marquis de Carabas (Marquis of Carabas). The king starts to become curious about this generous nobleman.

Orphan Fairytale - Seahorse SoupOrphan Fairytale - Seahorse SoupOrphan Fairytale - Seahorse SoupOrphan Fairytale - Seahorse Soup