Killing joke - the unperverted pantomime?

Many critics consider the graphic novel to be the definitive Joker story and one of the best Batman stories ever published. The comic won the Eisner Award for 'Best Graphic Album' in 1989 and appeared on The New York Times Best Seller List in May 2009. In 2006, The Killing Joke was reprinted as part of the trade paperback DC Universe: The Stories of Alan Moore . In 2008, DC Comics reprinted the story in a deluxe hardcover edition, which features new coloring by Bolland, with a more somber, realistic, and subdued palette than the original. Elements of The Killing Joke have inspired or been incorporated into other aspects of Batman media, such as three films; two short and one of them with Mark Hamill as Joker.

Though many call the book the definitive Joker origin story (the tale includes flashbacks to his pre-Joker career when he had a job and family), feminists have long critiqued it . They argue that the sadistic plot twist objectifies Gordon and strips her of her power in a manner that would never happen to a male character. Moore himself has even said in retrospect, “I don’t think it’s a very good book” and expressed regret about the Barbara storyline. Even the creators of the new Killing Joke film have acknowledged in interviews that in the comics Barbara is a plot device, there only to be hurt and motivate Batman’s quest.

Killing Joke - The Unperverted Pantomime?Killing Joke - The Unperverted Pantomime?Killing Joke - The Unperverted Pantomime?Killing Joke - The Unperverted Pantomime?